Meet Our Team

Arden Tomison


Arden has spent the majority of his career working with CEOs and Chairmen of private equity backed businesses, and has amassed an enviable network of interims, private equity investors and portfolio company management teams.

Throughout his career, he’s encountered all manner of businesses, characters and situations, and has developed an astute understanding of the nuances and unique challenges presented by the private equity environment.

As was proven by our ‘mindset’ research, Arden has always believed that it takes a specific type of person to perform and deliver in the private equity environment. Finding these people, who can make a meaningful difference to businesses and investments, is what challenges and interests him.

Working with portfolio businesses is what Arden enjoys most, and he prefers to be taking a brief ‘in a large refrigerated warehouse, factory, hospital or call centre’ than in the office.

When he’s not doing so, he sails, runs and cycles in order to counter the effects of enjoying good food and wine.