The right mindset for private equity

Management teams of private equity portfolio companies face a unique set of pressures, and the people who succeed in this complex world are crucially different to those in the corporate arena.

They are abnormally comfortable with risk, wholly focused on results and constantly challenging.  Skills and experience are essential, but a new team member must blend culturally too.

People with this ‘Right Mindset’ are not necessarily easy to find. Analysis of their CV, traditional interviewing, in depth referencing, formal qualifications and evaluating a career path cannot always tease out an assessment of cultural fit.

We have always known it takes someone out of the ordinary to succeed in private equity portfolio companies, and now we have the research to prove it.

Researched, defined, delivered

We commissioned a detailed academic study of high achievers in portfolio companies.  The findings uncovered some expected, and some surprising, facts.  Through the research, we have defined the distinct attitudes, drivers and expectations that together create the right mindset for private equity.

These results inform and guide us when identifying the ideal candidate through our executive search process, and when assessing candidates for our Elite Interim Network.

De-mystifying cultural fit

The success of a portfolio company is driven by the management team working in partnership with the private equity investor.  The management team has built the business as a team, are settled together as a team, support each other and work towards the same goals.  They’ll be taking the investment journey together, and any new directors they bring on board will need to blend culturally within this well-established team.

To underestimate the impact that cultural fit can have on the dynamics of a management team is a common mistake, but our mindset assessment takes away the risk of cultural mis-match.


There is a lot more of the story to tell. Understandably, we’d rather not give everything away here.

What we can say is that our understanding of the right mindset for success in private equity backed businesses sets us apart from other consultancies.


To talk through the research and find out how we have built the findings into our executive search process and interim management services, give us a call.