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The Deal Network

Having worked within the private equity arena for many years, we have had the opportunity to develop relationships with the most successful management teams. Our brand and position in the market have led us to continually attract corporate leaders with specialist sector expertise. 

We have combined these exclusive talent pools and created the Deal Network, a sort of “private members club” for investors, CEOs and Chairmen.  


Why did we create the Deal Network?

We have been tracking investments and their teams since 2008, so we already had access to this unique talent pool.

We wanted to be proactive in connecting our networks and by doing so, assist in deal identification and completion.

Benefits of membership include:  

  • a shortcut to specialist deal talent
  • access to an active group of investors
  • invitation to bespoke breakfasts & dinners

Who's part of it?

People who are pursuing their next deal.

  • CEOs and CFOs who have successfully exited businesses
  • Industry experts, interested in making the move to private equity
  • Career Chairmen with a wealth of private equity experience
  • A select number of investors 

The network is by invitation only and is very closely managed  


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