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Marble Hill Partners Managing Director, Sam Smith introduces our latest media and networking venture, PEPTalks (Private Equity Power Talks) and outlines the purpose of creating this community and the benefits for its members. 

The PEPTalks (Private Equity Power Talks) Community is a networking and membership venture set up by Marble Hill Partners – exclusively for Chief Executives of UK private equity backed companies. See what Russell Wilcox, CEO of Clarion Events thinks of PEPTalks:

Russell Wilcox – Why PEPTalks? from PEPTalks by Marble Hill Partners on Vimeo.


Overall purpose

Our objective is to create a community of CEOs in the private equity industry in which peers can share knowledge, ideas and experiences, as well as inspire and challenge one another. With PEPTalks we aim to accelerate the pace at which CEOs understand the new playing field of private equity ownership and to provide a tool kit to help deliver the investment plan. We do so by providing access to knowledge, experience and contacts in a confidential, secure environment.

Why do CEOs join PEPTalks?

  • To get the inside track on the unwritten rules of PE leadership
  • To prepare themselves for an exit
  • To stay at the top of their game as a CEO

What’s in it for Members

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We provide CEOs with a map to the maze, enabling them to better navigate the private equity playing field and short-circuit the need to learn through their own mistakes. If you are a Chief Executive of a private equity backed business and would like to find out more information please contact us on 020 3327 4029 or visit our website: