Meet Our Team

David Scriven

Marketing Executive

David is a Marketing Executive at Marble Hill Partners, he’s recently joined the firm as part of his digital marketing apprenticeship course. Whilst David may have less than a year of experience in marketing, he has a proven record of valuable skills and qualities. Having worked with clients across a range of sectors and industries, including healthcare, technology, and local authorities.

Since his marketing journey began in 2021, David has completed and assisted with a wide range of tasks for tens of clients. From social media content, PR, event planning, strategy creation, organic/paid growth, to data collection, trend spotting, analysis, and website modifications, and much more David has developed his experience and has conversed with a diverse array of characters.

Outside of work, David takes a keen interest in strength training in his local gym, enjoying the latest video games, tinkering with computers, or developing his personal brand on LinkedIn.